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Ironing - Hanging Items Prices
Shirts & Blouses £1.20 each
Pleated or Delicate Tops £1.00 each
Standard Dresses & Skirts £1.50 each
Casual Trousers/Jeans or Shorts £1.00 each
Smart , Suit or Delicate Trousers £1.50 each
Long or Pleated Dresses & Skirts £2.00 each
Onsies, 2pc Pyjama Set £1.50 each
Jackets, Coats & Difficult To Iron Items £2.50 each
Childrens Hanging Items 50p each
 Childrens Hanging Items  75p each
Baby Items: Vests/Tops/Trousers/Bibs 50p each
Baby Items: Baby Grows/Rompers/Dresses 75p each


Childrens Hanging Items up to 11yrs are from 50p each 
12yrs+ are from 75p each

Baby clothes 0-2yrs will be priced individually because they are small and difficult to iron and have
no weight to account for the amount of time spent ironing them

All Other Items Are Folded Neatly & Weighed
@ £3.50 per kg

Bedding Sets, Tableware
Childrens Clothes 2+yrs, Polo/T-shirts, Tops, Shorts, etc...
We can hang some of these items if preferred

We can work to any special requirements you may have, just let us know when we collect from you

FREE Collection & Delivery

Minimum Order £25

Verdant House
Verdant Lane
Hither Green

Contact Us - Click Here

Book Direct - 07454 769 311

For Best Ironing Results

We have very high standards when it comes to ironing and make every effort to return your garments looking brand new 
This is not always possible if the washing/drying process is not done correctly
Please help us to achieve the best results for your ironing

1. Avoid over-loading the washing machine, clothes need room to agitate.
2. A more environmentally way to dry your shirts is to hang them on hangers directly from the washing machine. This also helps the finished product when ironed. We accept shirts on hangers.

3. Remove clothes from washing machine as soon as the cycle completes or put on ‘rinse hold’ until you return.

4. Give each item a shake before placing in the dryer as creases set in when just placed straight from the machine to the dryer.

5. Avoid letting clothes over-dry. Clothes are more difficult to iron when they are over-dried and again creases are set in with the heat. Try to remove from dryer as soon as they are just dry.

6. Avoid over-filling the dryer. The dryer should be half full to allow the air to circulate.

7. Use the high and low temperature control, high for heavy garments and low for shirts etc. If possible, fold the clothes as soon as they are removed from the dryer.

Thank You


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